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St Angela Merici founded the Ursulines over four centuries ago and during this
time span they have circled the globe in the spirit of service of all people for
the sake of God's Kingdom. Our deeply rooted spiritual tradition is expressed
in our motto:
For the glory of God alone.
St Angela said:
Do something, get moving, be confident, risk something new, stick with it,
get on your knees, then be ready for big surprises.
In Africa
Ursuline multi-national communities, enriched by indigenous culture, serve in
South Africa, Botswana, Senegal and Cameroon.
In Southern Africa
As we journey into the third millennium, in the spirit of Angela, a woman for
Africa today, our vision of our mission in the Southern African Province of South
Africa and Botswana is:
To work for the empowerment of the people of Africa,
Especially through the education of women, youth and the poor,
To seek to foster family life and reconciliation in collaboration with
Ursulines throughout Africa and in our international Union.


By SIPHO SEPAMLA, South Africa, b. 1932

Down there below
where I can see no spoor
of man or animal
there is a winding
of what used to be
there is a swaying
of lanky tufts of grass
there is a meandering
of leafy protea trees
there is an ageing
of variegated pelindaba rocks
and there is a thought
of dead spirits
once clashing by day
only to retreat at sunset
leaving these parts wild at night
yet serene under the moon

where I stand
there is no stench with which to live
only the giddy smell of braaied boerewors
already the plastic plates are full of stywe mielie-pap
a table is laden with sliced cheese and green salads
for amidst the chattering of adults in French
and the fooling around of our children in no language of words
we are going to revel
beyond the mischievous hand of man

there is a spirit moving where we are
we turn faces to avoid it
hardly being successful
for we are part of the being of things
there are clouds gathering above our heads
we say it will not rain
hardly being correct
for the earth needs to be swept at times

it rains! ...pula! ...it rains! ...pula!

(Malan, Robin - Compiler "Explorings" : A collection of poems for the young people of
southern Africa,
pgs. 100-101. David Philip, Cape Town and Johannesburg, 1988)