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"God has so ordained from all eternity, that those who for his honour are united in doing good enjoy every
prosperity, and that what they do turns out well, because they have God himself and every one of his creatures
in their favour."
(St Angela-LastC:9)
Ursuline Associates are lay people: men and women, married or
single, who desire to incorporate in the course of their ordinary
lives, the charism and spirit of St Angela Merici, the foundress
of the Ursuline Sisters, so as to deepen their spiritual life
through contact with this rich tradition and to give a specific
focus to their outreach as they live their faith in the following of
Jesus Christ. In doing this, they draw on and benefit from the
spirituality and mission of the Ursuline Religious Institute, while
also assisting and collaborating with them. While living our
common Baptism as disciples of Jesus Christ, some aspects of
the Gospel, which are a particular part of Angela's charism and
nurtured by the Associates are:

prayer and contemplation;
unity and community;
love and service;
peace and justice,

Today, these values can only enhance modern-day individuals, families and society.
"Be bound to one another by the bond of charity, esteeming each other, helping each other, bearing with each
other in Jesus Christ. For if you strive to be like this, without any doubt, the Lord God will be in your midst."
(S Angela-Last C:2-3)
Ursuline Associate groups are present on all continents and in many countries, where they take different forms, based on
the cultural context of each group's situation and the level of personal commitment that they wish to make.
See extracts from articles about Ursuline Associates throughout the world.
These give a good idea of the variety of different groups and their undertakings.

This initiative started in Southern Africa in 2006 and is growing steadily. You are invited to consider joining this still
small, but committed group, which is presently active. It involves a meeting for prayer, discussion and community
interaction once a month and a certain personal minimum undertaking on the part of each Associate to some prayer and
missionary outreach. If you would like to explore further, please contact us for more information at info@ursulines.org.za.
With a lively and steadfast faith receive from him what you have to do for love of him.
(St Angela-Pro/L:23)