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Here Paul speaks about his celibacy. In many texts in his letters he describes how the love of Christ possesses and
envelops him, giving him direction, purpose and power. He talks of himself as striving for "the prize for which Christ
Jesus captured him." (Phil.3:12)
Further scripture passages for prayer and reflection:

Song of Songs 3:1-5; Seeking the Beloved

Mt. 19:27-30; Reward of renunciation

Romans 8:31-39; Hymn to God's Love

1 Cor. 7:32-35; Celibacy

Ephesians 3:14-21; The Power of Christ's love
About remaining celibate, I have no
directions from the Lord but give my
own opinion as one who, by the Lord's
mercy, has stayed faithful.
1 Cor. 7:25
My sisters, having been chosen to be the
true and virginal spouses of the Son of
God, I entreat you to recognize what a
new and astonishing dignity this is.
St Angela Merici
My eyes are always on the Lord.
Ps. 25:15
At night my soul longs for you,
and my spirit in me seeks for you.
Is. 26:9
Ah, you are beautiful, my beloved.
Song 4:1
With my whole heart I seek you.
Ps. 119:10
Sing and chant to the Lord in your
hearts, always and everywhere.
Eph. 5:20
Lord Jesus Christ, Lord of Love, Lord of my life:
Light of love and Fire of love:
encompassing, encountering, enlivening, enlightening.
Come and fill my life with your love;
surround me with your presence,
encounter my heart with your love,
enliven my mind with your sentiments
and enlighten me that I may surrender to you
and know what to do for love of you,
now and for all eternity.