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Above all, obey the counsels and inspirations,
which the Holy Spirit continually sends into the heart

(From the Rule, ch. 5, Angela)

Holy Spirit, promised by the Son, sent by the Father,
our teacher and our support - you gentle voice,
speak to my listening heart, so that I may
understand what you want from me.

You clear light, light up my questing spirit,
so that I may see where You guide me.

You spark of God's love,
Kindle all my power of love,
So that I may burn with longing
for the coming of God's kingdom.

You driving force
energize me to follow
Your advice and inspirations
So that I may carry out what
You have laid in my hands to do.
be full of thanksgiving always... you'll see God's wonders
fill your days.

You must beg God to enlighten you and direct you and
teach you what you have to do for love of Him.

Be joyful, full of charity, faith and hope, that he will not
abandon you.

All your works and decisions, being rooted in the twofold
love of God and neighbor, cannot fail to produce good
and sound fruit.
What God plants is rooted firm....

Fa godimo ga dilo tsotlhe reetsa ditaelo tse
Moya o o Boitshepho o dilaelang pelo
ya gago ka nako tsotlhe

(From the Rule, ch. 5, Angela)

Moya o o Boitshepo o re o solofeditsweng ka
Morena wa rona Jesu Kreste jaalo o rometswe ,
ke Modimo go re ruta go kaela le go re thusa.,
Wena yoo lentswe le le bonolo bua le pelo
yame gore ke tlhaloganye se o se batlang
mogo nna.

Wena yoo oleng lesedi. Tshubela Moya wame o o
belaelang gore o mpontshe kwa onkgogelang teng.

Wena yoo oleng lorato lo lo phatsimang.
Ntsha lorato lotlhe lo ke nang nalo. Gore
ke tla ke tuke ka go tlhwaafalela go tla ga
Bogosi jwa Modimo.

Wena Yoo nketeletseng pele. Entsenya
nonofo ya go sala morago dikgakololo le
Se Modimo o se jwalang se nonofile, ebile

One a tshela botshelo jwa kutlobotloko a boga. Angela Merici oa iponatsa mo go rona, ka bontle joo jwa gagwe jwa
mme yoo arabetseng Tumelo, Boitsheko le go abela ba bangwe a intshetse setlhabelo. Mme a gapa dipelo tsa batho
bothle ka go direla ba bangwe.

Deeply involved in a world of contrasts marked by moral suffering, Angela Merici appears to us - a lovely figure of
womanliness in her unswerving faith, her purity and her overflowing charity, winning all hearts through her devoted and
far-reaching service of others.

We listen to her own words.

Hold this for certain:
You will never be abandoned in all your needs,
For God will provide for you wonderfully well,
You must never lose hope.

Act, move, believe, strive, hope, cry out to God
With all your heart, for without doubt you will see marvelous things.

Seek to spread peace and concord in the place where you are.

In these dangerous times you will find no other recourse than to take refuge at the feet of Jesus Christ;
If he directs and teaches you,
you will be well taught.

Be bound to one another by the bond of charity, respecting one another, helping each other, bearing with each other
in Jesus Christ; If you try to be like this, without any doubt the Lord God will be in your midst.

I am more alive than when I was on earth.
And now I can and want to help you more.
I am always among you with God who holds us all in his love.

Prayer to St Angela
St Angela, pray for us that we may live in the hope. Peace and joy of
Christ In the midst of the restless and confusing world of today,
knowing that you are "living always in our midst" to help us, to guide
us and to share your light with us, as we travel the pathways of the
love of Christ and the love of all our brothers and sisters of this world
in him. Amen.